Ragas on Guitar


Ragas on Guitar is one of the unique, beautiful and pioneer guitar styles, which has been launched as an official guitar program for the first time in the musical history. After an extensive research and study of the unique application of Indian Classical Music, Guitarmonk has offered this Indian Classical program on guitar course as an exclusive study to the world and international community of guitar lovers. Yes, you won’t find this course anywhere across world.

Ragas on Guitar is an untouched style/genre which is now being enjoyed by guitar aspirants across 14 countries in an online mode.

Guitarmonk offers this course in 2 formats viz,:

  1. Introductory – Ragas on Guitar Program (24 sessions/3 months)
  2. Complete – Ragas on Guitar Program (96 sessions/12 months)

Also check out some of the videos based on same to give you a better view.

The learning comprises Thaats study, varied Raga Compositions, Plethora of Topics/Videos/Audios apart from being Aesthetic and Life Style journey for Music Lovers.

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